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JQuery div tooltip

Here is my small script for Jquery tooltip that will popup on div hover. It’s very easy for implement and it can be used for one div but also for as many as you want, same as for tables made in divs. You can check demo here. HTML   [codesyntax lang=”html4strict” title=”HTML”] <div class=”tooltip-target”>target 1…

Show just first image with WP Types

If you are using WordPress Types plugin for Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Management and you use image custom filed, sometimes you may need to show just one image instead of all uploaded for particular post or page. I am not using shortcodes but PHP implementing, so some situations and needings can be tricky.

Twitter counter won’t work

You placed twitter button on your website, but after some time you still see 0 on counter. Even when you tweet your page, it still won’t count. There may be several posibble reasons for that issue. Here are solutions for most common. 1. Place “data-count” part in your code, if there is no one: