What if I accidently delete my text without making a copy?

Our script keeps all copies of changes you entered, on your server. We can backup your last or any previous made change you made, for a small fee of $10. First time you ask for that is free.

What do you consider as “one chunk”?

As “one chunk” we consider text that is not divided with anything in the middle (photo, video or anything else). Chunk can be in one paragraph.
Also, one entry can’t goes into 2 or more columns.
Here you can see 4 different text chunks on one page, we divided with different colors:

asap change text chunks

What info you will need from me to install service?

We will need just FTP credentials (or Cpanel if you don’t know FTP), and point us what part of text and on what pages you want ASAP change to be implemented.

Shall I have some special features on site in order to get your service?

No. You can have just simple website made in HTML or PHP and we can install service for you.