Learn More About ASAP Change

You don’t need to make new pages on your website all the time, but from time to time you have need to update some existing text on it. To add some text, delete part of existing, to rewrite content on one page you have. Here is solution for you: ASAP Change.
Words like FTP, Cpanel, or HTML tags are something you don’t want bother with? We get that, and you don’t need to learn anything about that. You will just type your new text into the field and get change instantly.

Type of pages you might want to change from time to time: Reference list, discounts, products, prices, testimonials or recommendations, …
Beside text that is visual on your page, you can choose to make title tag or any of SEO tags (description, keywords) editable with ASAP Change. That way you may experiment with new title or description whenever you like.

Customized for your needs. Making simple CMS just for your website.

Convenient for doctor or dentist office, small business, mechanics, small stores, manufacturers, lawyers, contractors, small agencies, brokers, studious, niche schools, clubs, fitness centers, agents, daycare, different organizations, professional or business services, …
Recommended for small static websites, made in plain HTML or PHP.
Not suitable if you already have some CMS or Shopping cart software (Magento, OpenCart, Drupal, ZenCart, …)

If you have basic skills for using computer and internet you will be able to use our simple CMS for your website.

You don’t need to pay anybody to update text on your website anymore. Pay just once and you will be able to update it by yourself forever. Easy and quick. To change one sentence on website now you will need just 5 minutes of your time and nothing more. We will make CMS customized to fit your needs.

How much ASAP Change costs?

It’s just $29 per text chunk. So you will pay just $29 for setting up ASAP Change per text chunk and you can change that part of text on your website forever.

How to sign up?

Here is presentation how to use it after we implement it on your website: