Welcoming Erika Daggett as Clark State College’s New Director of Marketing

Welcoming Erika Daggett as Clark State College’s New Director of Marketing

Erika Daggett has joined Clark State College as our new Director of Marketing. Erika brings a wealth of experience in communications, with a track record of proven performance in strategic public relations, branding, and event management. Her expertise extends across various areas including publications, social media, website development, and more.

I am thrilled to be joining the Clark State College family and I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Clark State community,” Erika said. “Together, we’ll develop innovative strategies aimed at showcasing the exceptional and unique programs and services that the college offers to students, business leaders, and the broader community.

Erika’s background includes national awards in advertising, writing, editing, and both print and web design. She is known for her ability to manage complex communication strategies and her commitment to promoting events and missions effectively. As a self-motivated and results-driven professional, Erika has a remarkable capacity for developing and implementing marketing plans and recognition programs that resonate with diverse audiences.

We are eager to see how her innovative approaches and dedication to excellence will enhance our community engagement and elevate our institution’s profile.

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