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Earlier this year, Google Ads announced its intention to move primarily towards real-time bidding auctions for apps. As a result, Google Ads has stopped buying on multicall requests in waterfalls that do not contain a bidding ad unit, and in January 2024, will stop responding to multicall requests within hybrid setups as well. 

In an effort to keep delivering the best value for our advertisers, Google Ads will continue to invest in systems that detect multicall behavior. In addition to that, Google Ads will be monitoring attempts to circumvent our multicall detection systems, and intend to stop buying on publishers that employ techniques to evade multicall detection. An example of such techniques includes but is not limited to: 

Ad Unit misrepresentation – Frequent creation, usage or manipulation of new ad units in multicall queries. Typically, ad unit misrepresentation is undertaken to mask the existence of chains of related multicall requests.

Beginning January 20, 2024, Google Ads may stop buying on publisher apps for a period of 1 week to 1 month based on the magnitude of both previous or currently detected abuse.

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