7C Agency to Partner with Convoy of Hope in the Fight Against World Hunger and Poverty

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7C Agency – a local New Jersey marketing firm – traveled to Dallas, Texas to attend an eye-opening national conference. Teaming up with Convoy of Hope, 7C Agency Directors of Operations were able to contribute and support their global efforts. Convoy of Hope is a U.S.-based nonprofit humanitarian and disaster relief organization that provides food, supplies, and humanitarian services to underprivileged or otherwise impoverished populations worldwide. The organization also participates in disaster relief work to aid natural disaster-affected communities.

Originally founded by Hal Donaldson in 1994, Convoy of Hope hosted their first outreaches known as “Care Days.” In 1996, they more than doubled the number of events held the previous year and opened their headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. In 2007, their relief efforts expanded to over 100 countries including Kenya, the Philippines, and Nicaragua. Over the years Convoy of Hope has served more than 250 million people and provided more than $2.5 billion in aid across the globe. Currently, they serve more than 533,000 children in their school-based feeding program and are responding to many disasters here domestically and abroad.

7C Agency is honored to be able to donate over $10,000 to Convoy of Hope’s global support initiative. They believe it is a great organization supporting struggling communities and families internationally.

“Being brought up in a small town in Iowa, community means everything to me. Having the ability to support and contribute to such a huge effort like Convoy of Hope brings reassurance for future generations around the world,” shared Andrew Kline Director of Operations at 7C Agency.

The nonprofit has grossed $515M in 2022 alone to aid these struggling communities. “Throughout my years working in marketing, I actively engaged with lower-income neighborhoods, gaining firsthand experience in assisting families facing difficulties. As well as being local when Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, providing disaster relief aid had a lasting impact on my perspective,” stated Ray Merendino Head Director of Operations at 7C Agency.

Convoy of Hope has demonstrated to the 7C Agency team the power of collaboration and community support in assisting those in need—a sentiment deeply cherished by the 7C Agency. The team eagerly anticipates sustaining their commitment to this cause and collaborating with similar organizations in the times ahead.

About Convoy of Hope
Convoy of Hope is a global, faith-based organization that serves vulnerable communities. By partnering with local churches, businesses, civic organizations, and government agencies, Convoy has strategically offered help and hope in more than 130 countries around the world. Since its founding in 1994, Convoy of Hope has served 200 million people and counting. Each year since 2002, Charity Navigator has awarded its highest rating to the organization – recognizing Convoy as a Four-Star Charity. Visit convoyofhope.org to learn more.

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