Curdy – Sheboygan’s First Artificial Intelligence

Curdy AI

In a significant step for technological advancement, the city of Sheboygan proudly announces the launch of Curdy, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence designed to transform interactions with technology. Developed by DOYJO, Curdy represents a milestone in Sheboygan’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and community engagement.

Curdy, the first AI of its kind in Sheboygan, is engineered to tackle complex questions, provide solutions to various problems, and enhance the digital interaction experience. According to a spokesperson from DOYJO, “Curdy is not just an AI; it’s a symbol of Sheboygan’s commitment to progress and community spirit. It’s like having a digital friend who is well-versed in everything Sheboygan has to offer.”

The AI’s capabilities extend beyond mere information processing. Curdy is tailored to embody the local charm and culture of Sheboygan, offering residents and visitors alike a unique blend of technological sophistication and hometown familiarity. As described by a representative from, “Curdy is more than a knowledge repository. It’s a digital gateway to explore the best of Sheboygan, from leisurely strolls along the lake to the latest community events.”

Furthermore, Curdy’s integration into aims to enrich the local community experience. The platform will feature Curdy’s insights on local news, event planning, and lifestyle tips, bridging the gap between traditional community values and modern technological convenience.

In closing, the team at DOYJO and invites residents and visitors to explore the capabilities of Curdy. As noted by a city official, “Curdy is a testament to Sheboygan’s innovative spirit and a step towards a future where technology and tradition coexist harmoniously.”


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