Jennings Social Media & MarTech Celebrates 20 Years of Growth


As Jennings Social Media & MarTech (JSMM) commemorates two decades of innovation and client service, the woman-owned agency celebrates a landmark 42% year-over-year growth and exceptional client retention rates. Valerie Jennings, CEO and founder of JSMM, reflects on the agency’s journey from its inception to becoming a representation of marketing success, propelled by a steadfast commitment to results-driven strategies and advanced AI technology.

Starting in 2003, Jennings embarked on a mission to create a different kind of agency — one that not only leads with cutting-edge technology but also fosters long-lasting partnerships. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have cultivated an environment where an impressive client retention rate averages six years, with some partnerships lasting 15 years.

The secret to the agency’s longevity lies in its philosophy of treating clients as partners. “It’s about nurturing a symbiotic relationship where success is mutual, and growth is joint,” Jennings said. “Our clients’ victories are our victories, and this shared success has fueled our remarkable longevity in the business.”

With a focus on artificial intelligence in marketing, JSMM doesn’t just react to trends — it anticipates and sets them. This future-focused mindset has not only attracted a diverse clientele but also allowed for the seamless adaptation to market changes, such as through flexible remote and hybrid work models that have attracted top-tier talent from around the globe.

The agency’s dedication to fostering female entrepreneurship and promoting women in business is demonstrated by its certification from the National Women’s Business Owner Council ( As a result, the agency is not just a testament to Jennings’ success but also a beacon for aspiring women in the industry.

As JSMM ventures into its next chapter, the expansion of its Overland Park headquarters is a testament to the agency’s thriving client base and dedication to community involvement. The revamped office is a creative haven designed to foster collaboration and innovation. Here, clients are not only welcomed but are an integral part of the creative process.

The agency’s impact extends beyond its walls, with Jennings playing a pivotal role in local chambers and economic councils. Her efforts during challenging times, such as the global pandemic, have not gone unnoticed, providing vital resources and support to the business community.

Recognized for her entrepreneurial acumen and industry impact, Jennings has earned accolades from several prestigious organizations, including recognition from Cypnosis’ Top Women in Media, the Stevie Awards, NYX Marcon Awards and more. She continues to share her expertise, speaking at conferences nationwide and leading discussions that shape the future of digital marketing.

JSMM, now a major force with satellite offices in Miami and Southern California, stands as a shining example of what it means to grow alongside your clients and to lead with innovation, purpose, and a heartfelt commitment to collective success.

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